Adding an image or logo to your signature in Horde Mail

Learn how to add an image or logo to your signature in Horde Mail. Follow the steps below

1. Log into your Horde mail interface.


2. Once inside, hover over the cog image and then Preferences. Select Mail from the pop up menu.

3. Now click on the Personal Information link.


4. This page is where you set your signature. Scroll to the bottom area where the HTML editor is. This is the one with many different buttons. Find the image button and click it.


5. Enter the image link in the URL field. You are not able to upload the image directly to the server, so you will need to know the exact address of the image on your server. For example, this image is located at “http:// example. com/images/ logo.png”. There are various optional fields here you can use to further customize the logo’s size and/or its position.


6. After adjusting the options on the Image Info tab, it is a good idea to make the logo a link back to your website. Configure this tab for your logo to point to your website.