How to connect AirPods to PS4

How to connect AirPods to PS4: To connect your AirPods to a PS4 console, you will need to use a device that supports Bluetooth connectivity as an intermediary. Here is a general outline of the steps you can follow:

  1. Make sure your AirPods are charged and are within range of your PS4.
  2. On your PS4, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Put your AirPods in pairing mode by pressing and holding the setup button on the back of the case. The LED light will start flashing white, indicating that the AirPods are in pairing mode.
  4. On your PS4, select “Add Bluetooth Devices” and then select your AirPods from the list of available devices.
  5. If prompted, enter the PIN code for your AirPods (the default PIN is “0000”).
  6. Once the connection is established, you should see the AirPods listed under “Audio Devices” in the Bluetooth Devices menu.

You can now use your AirPods to listen to audio from your PS4. Please note that you may need to adjust the audio output settings on your PS4 to use the AirPods as the audio output device.