How to Remove Headphone Icon on Android

How to Remove Headphone Icon on Android: There are times the phone gets stuck in the headphones mode and cannot play any music. When it is in this state, you will not even be able to receive calls without your wired headphones or earphones. It can be frustrating when you get yourself in this situation. You will see a headphone icon on your screen.


How do you Remove Headphone Icon on Android?

The below methods will enable you fix the problem when see the headphone icon on your Android phone.


How to Remove Headphone Icon on Android

These methods will enable you to remove the headphone icon on your Android phone.

Insert and Remove the Headphone

To remove headphone icon on Android phone or device, reinsert and remove the headphone. Repeat the process twice or thrice. It might look like something small but sometimes it solves the problem. Plugging in and pulling out the headphone will send the right signal to your phone and thus fixing the issue.

Below is how to remove headphone symbol in Android phones.

  • Plugin the headphone or earphones into the jack
  • Gently roll the headphone plug inside the jack.
  • Slowly unplug the headphone
  • Repeat the above steps several times
  • Check if the issue has been fixed.

This should be able to solve the problem. If the issue was not fixed then move to the next step,

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Restart Your Device

Restarting your phone will fix the possible software problem which might be causing the problem. Rebooting your phone is the simplest solution. Restart your phone before moving to some technical solutions.

How to remove headphone icon on Android by restarting your phone:-

  • Remove the headphone from your phone/unplug the headphone.
  • Long-press the Power button
  • On the power menu, tap restart or swipe to restart
  • After your phone has restarted check if the icon is still there.

If this does not solve the issue, then move to the next step

Clean the Headphone Port

Sometimes when the port is dirty or filled with stuff, chances are it might not give the right signals. It might not detect the signal or instantly switch to headphones mode when you plug the headphone or earphones into your device.

Cleaning your headphone jack will solve the problem.

Follow the below steps to remove headphone symbol on android devices by cleaning the jack port.

  • Inspect inside the headphone port to see if there is any dirt.
  • Take a cotton bud and remove the excess cotton
  • Slowly insert it inside the port
  • Turn it slowly to loosen the particles
  • Blow to remove the dirt.
  • After you have cleaned the port, Plug-in the headphone and then unplug them to see if the icon is gone.

You can also use a toothpick to loosen the particles or remove them.

When cleaning the phone’s headphone jack, clean with caution so that you don’t damage the port.

Disable Headphone

If the above methods were not able to solve the issue, then you can try disabling the headphone. To disable the headphone, go to the Play Store and install an app known as “Disable headphone – Fix Earphone/Enable Loudspeaker”. This will direct all the sounds on your phone to the loudspeaker.

After disabling, check if the headphone icon on android is gone.

Seek Professional Help

If none of the above fixes the problem, then you need to seek professional help on how to remove the headphone icon on Android. Visit or book an appointment with your phone’s brand repair center.

If you still have your warranty, the repair center for your brand will fix the problem for you free of charge.