Ways To Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting On Android

Ways to Fix Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting On Android

If you are experiencing issues with your WiFi connection constantly disconnecting on your Android device, here are a few steps you can try to fix the problem:

Check the router

Make sure that your router is turned on and properly configured. You can try restarting the router to see if that helps.

Check your internet connection

Make sure that your internet service provider (ISP) is providing a stable connection. If you are experiencing issues with your internet connection, contact your ISP for assistance.

Check for updates

Make sure that you have the latest version of the operating system and any relevant apps installed on your device. You can check for updates in the Google Play Store.

Check your WiFi settings

Make sure that your WiFi connection is set up correctly and that the WiFi password is correct. You can also try forgetting the WiFi network and reconnecting to see if that helps.

Check for interference

Other devices or appliances in your home may be causing interference with your WiFi connection. Try moving your device closer to the router to see if that helps.

Restart your device

If the above steps don’t help, try restarting your device to see if that fixes the issue.

I hope these steps help! Let me know if you have any other questions.